HADOOP for the Relation DBA (Big-Data, Big-Insights, Big-Hype?) – last given on the 14th March 2013 at the London SSUG.

Big-Data Overview, Hadoop Introduction, Massively Parallel Processing, NoSQL, NewSQL, AllSQL.

Frightening New World of Data? (Thoughts and Ramblings around where we are and how we got here) – last given on the 14th December 2012 at SQL Santa, London.

Getting value from Data (short history of DIKW), Forming your Operational Database, Big-Data, Changing role of the Database Professional.

Massively Parallel Data Processing with CUDA – Introduction

Parallelism concepts, throughput realities, CUDA (Fermi) architecture, Coding concepts.

Moving to SANless for your Database Storage

Hardware (Connectivity protocols, mechanical drives, Solid State, SANless), SQL Server (Semi-Random GUID v Incremental ID, Comparison Clustered V Heap, Bottleneck shift, TempDB, Transaction Logs, Scale-out approach using Availability Groups, Hybrid Tiered Storage Approach)


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