CISCO VPN Client dropping with “Reason 422: Lost contact with the security gateway” 1

Writing this out of embarrassment but hopefully it will help somebody else if they have the same issue with the CISCO VPN Client or similar.

When at my girlfriends I VPN over her WiFi into my client, that’s always worked, but, last Thurs/Friday I started getting issues with the VPN dropping out after just a couple of minutes resulting in me having to use my mobile as a connected hub.

I was getting these messages which should really have been a clue for me:

52 13:41:38.308 02/27/15 Sev=Warning/3 CM/0xA3100027
Adapter address has changed or not detected. Current address(es):,

The reason it was failing is actually very simple, the router has a feature that allows a MAC address to access the internet at specific times, for some reason I needed to use a low IP lease time to make it work (600 seconds) – yes, you now know where this is going.

When I set it all up I gave my MAC address a fixed ip thus eliminating the lease time period.

Because when I VPN into my client I lose internet access I use a VirtualBox VM to access my clients system – I do that for each client because it isolates them from me as well – nice security feature.

I was researching something the other week which made me recycle my MAC address (give me a new one) – DOH!

Well there you go, I’m a SQL guy, I do know networking but when you forget how you set stuff up, use VM’s and often do research then sometimes you get tripped up – talk about frustrating, this has caused a lot of swearing!!!

In summary, if you get the error use ipconfig /all to check the lease expiry time, see if it coincides with the VPN dropping.