What Price A TimeOut ?

If you have been interested in query processing and looking at execution plans, you may may well have noticed that a query states a “Reason For Early Termination” as a property. There are 4 return values here, <BLANK>, “Good Enough Plan Found”, “MemoryLimitExceeded” and”Timeout”. Let’s ignore “MemoryLimitExceeded”, I’ve never experienced it in the wild but […]

Hard Disk Short-stroking (Part 2): RAID 0 (Striping) – Understanding why disk combinations matter

Introduction In part 1 (Understanding the physical performance characteristics of hard disks) we looked at why the physical properties of hard drives affects throughput i.e. more data can be read from tracks on the outer edge of the disk than the inner thus causing less disk head movement. In this article I will show what happens when we start […]

Short-stroking: Understanding the physical performance characteristics of Hard Disks (Part 1)

Article Series As part of my thesis for my Business Intelligence masters (see http://reportingbrick.com) I did a lot of research around Solid State and Hard Disk drives, this series of articles reflects that research. First I’ll talk about the physical properties of hard drives and progress through to its affect on how SQL Server performs […]

Welcome to Data Idol 0

Throughout my career the need by business to gain value from data has been a constant; I remember back in 93 writing EIS (Executive Information Systems) and MIS (Management Information Systems) from what today we term structured data, back then it was difficult because there weren’t many tools available; today that has changed, the so […]