SQLPASS Summit – Got Selected :-)

With my 3rd year of submissions for the SQLPASS Summit and I was once again fortunate to be amongst the group  of presenters who were selected for this years program, having also presented @ 2011 & 2012 Summits it is getting more competitive each year as many of the World’s TOP presenters are vying for their session’s to be selected, alongside those […]

Reducing SQL Server IO and Access Times using Bloom Filters – Part 3 (Inserting Data)

Part 2 (Basics of the method in SQL Server) explained how to get data into a Bloom Filter structure, it now needs persisting. This post explains a method on how a Bloom Filter can be stored in a SQL Server database – I assume you have read Part 1 and Part 2 and understand about […]

When is getdate() deterministic ?

Def :      Deterministic , a function that will always return the same output for the same input. Non-Deterministic, a function that will return different result for the same input. Going by that the above definition is is obvious that getdate() is non-deterministic,  each execution will return a different output as time goes by.  However, […]

What price a deadlock ?

“Oh, if we deadlock we’ll retry a few times until it goes through.”: Ive had a few variations of this conversation of the years and on the face of it, what does it really matter ? You get a deadlock, you retry, retry, retry until eventually it does complete ok. You get the right data […]

Reducing SQL Server IO and Access Times using Bloom Filters – Part 2 (Basics of the method in SQL Server)

Part 1 addressed Bloom Filter Concepts, if you haven’t already done so its important to start there. In this post I will show the basics of how we set and query the bit array that holds our Bloom Filter structure. Step 1 – Hash the target Data element (key) Multiple hash functions are used over your […]

Reducing SQL Server IO and Access Times using Bloom Filters – Part 1 (Concepts)

Given a 10 million row table with a GUID as a primary key, we have a 50,000 row table that we want to look up to see if we have any matching rows and for those matching rows aggregate the data – lets assuming that 50% of the rows have a corresponding match – so […]

Celebrate the Anniversary of SQL Server 2012!

Here is the chance to win the sweepstakes  on the eve of SQL Server 2012 release 1st Anniversary. Here is the text from SQL Server blog:   This month, we are celebrating the one year anniversary of SQL Server 2012, and we’d like to give a little shout out to our community to say, “Happy […]

Overview of HADOOP, new features in Version 1, Version 2 branch description

Introduction The essay assumes the reader has no knowledge of Hadoop or Map Reduce; it will give an overview of Hadoop and the confusion around the project branch that form v1.0.0 and v2.0.0, the essay will also give discussion of the features introduced in v1.0.0 and some of the use-cases that they can be applied […]

Erlang Recursion basics

I’m loving Erlang, extremely powerful as I get more into it, however, it did take a bit of getting my head round, but once you start to understand function pattern matching, data guards and recursion then you are on your way. This post is really for my own sanity, as a checkpoint if I get stuck […]

Erlang – Running Concurrent Queries against Microsoft SQL Server

Running Erlang on Windows, you can connect to Microsoft SQL Server using Erlang’s own ODBC application. It’s extremely easy and straightforward (example below), you can use a DSNless connection so you don’t even need to set up an entry through the Windows ODBC Data Source Administrator. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 […]