Aug 17

Summit 2012

SQL Server 2012 Memory Management  

SQL Server 2012 brings a wide range of changes, including a key change in how SQL Server memory is managed. Earlier releases of SQL Server have two memory managers, which have now been merged into one. And that’s just the beginning of the changes for SQL Server memory. This session will dive into SQL Server 2012’s new memory architecture. We’ll see how to diagnose memory performance issues and gain insight into memory pressure issues. We’ll also cover the settings to adjust memory configuration levels and their impact.

PASS Summit  Seattle (Nov 2012)

This was my 2nd year @ the Summit as well as my 2nd time presenting a summit session, this time around it would be a regular 75 minute session on Memory Management with a special focus on the changes in how memory is managed with the SQL Server 2012 release

MemoryMgmt2012_title MemoryMgmt24HOP_title

Video link  & Download Material

PDF Presentation  DBA-312 SQL Server 2012 Memory Management PDF

Aside from the Summit I have presented this Memory Management session @ these other events

I’ve was also able to present a special Deep-Dive 2-Hour version (Jan 2013) of this session at quite an unusual conference location, as this was aboard a Cruise ship  Really! YES, Really! I’m talking of course about the acclaimed SQL Cruise experience Sqlcruise_title

It was my 2nd SQL Cruise experience, having already been a ‘cruiser’ on the Alsaka SQLCruise in 2011, the term ‘Washy Washy’ will always be with me, maybe you should also ask Tim Ford about the Oreo challenge (it’s harder than it looks) This 2013 Miami SQL Cruise I was also fortunate enough to be chosen as one of their technical leads, I was indeed in good company as this listing shows


Aug 17

Summit 2011

Why are we Waiting..  

PASS Summit  Seattle (Oct 2011)

This was my 1st PASS Summit session and one I have presented it elsewhere as well, it is primarily focused on explaining performance issues via the analysis of the Wait Stats sys.dm_os_wait_stats DMV, we use the DMV to identify performance issues and discover WHY the queries are waiting and on what type of resource


Slides PDF  DBA_320_Why_are_we_Waiting_NeilHambly

Video link  sync’d with presentation. Duration: 75 minutes  – Think most should be able to access this now if your a PASS member and have logged in, this is of course just one of the sessions from the 2011 Summit, you have access to the others as well – which is just awesome

With 310 attendees (full double room) this was a quite a step up in # attendees from my previous largest audience so far with ~100 being the largest I had ever had presented before this, incidentally that was my 1st ever presentation (London March 2010) If I recall correctly

I’ve also presented this wait-stats session (or some variation of it) @ these other events