Aug 16

Summit 2014

In November for the 4th consecutive year I’ll be excitably flying across the pond to Seattle in order to attend the Summit, where I’m also lucky enough to be one of this years presenters, I’ll be delivering my 4th PASS Summit session, and this year I have the honour of delivering one of 8 longer 1/2 day (3 Hour) sessions, my session will be on focused on DMVs and how to use them to do performance troubleshooting

Performance Troubleshooting Using DMVs

Performance troubleshooting is a complex subject with many factors under consideration when you find poorly performing SQL statements, using proven methodologies, and evaluating performance data available in the Dynamic Management Views and Functions. In this session, we’ll go over a foundation of how and which DMVs to use to identify those problematic statements for versions of SQL Server from 2005 – 2014.

We’ll be demonstrating using practical examples, including code that can be taken away and used on attendees’ own SQL Servers. We’ll also discuss how to identify common causes of performance issues, and learn how to quickly review and understand the wealth of performance data available.


So perhaps I might even see you in my audience for that or elsewhere @ the conference @ one of the watering holes we are known to frequent during that week, especially if you are a whisky lover like me

If we haven’t as yet meet and you’ll be @ this years summit, I have my profile link below which may be of some help, so you know a little about who I am and what I look like



I do look forward to meeting lots of new friends perhaps that includes you, alongside those I already know from past events


Aug 15

Neil’s Presentations

I have been presenting for quite a while now and have not made all my presentations available for users to download PDF of the sessions and scripts, so it’s about time I did something about that and got myself organised and upload these for everyone to access

Over the coming few days I’m going to work on creating a page for each of the presentations available and where these have been presented in the flesh {or online}

Hope this helps anyone interested in the materials and feedback on these are always welcome, the 1st batch of these will be posted over the weekend


May 26

My upcoming Presentations

Those who have known me for a while, will also know I just LOVE to present & attend Lots of SQL Server Events, I will travel wide and far for these

Here is a quick  guide to my upcoming Presentations in Chronological order

May 2013

  • 28th  Dublin UG – Effective Index Partitioning, Compression Strategy
  • 31st  Confio (Webinar) – Ignite for SQL Server Demo – Welcome to join me for this

June 2013

  • 5th    Leicester UG
  • 8th    SQL Saturday #202 (Edinburgh) a Confio sponsor session
  • 17th-27th  We are hosting SQL Relay 2013
    • I’ll be on an extensive road trip to all the 8 events
  • 22nd  SQL Saturday #229 (Dublin) – ‘2012 Memory Management’
  • 24th  Cardiff  – Performance Tuning HOL Workshop
  • 26th  Reading – Confio sponsor session

July 2013

  • 15th  Bristol – VBUG {Rescheduled)
  • 18th  Birmingham UG
  • 24th  Leeds UG
  • 25th  Manchester UG

Future Events

  • PASS Summit 2013 (Oct 15th – 18th) ‘Load Testing with SQL Server Tools’

Not Presenting

  • 11th  London UG – I’ll be your host @ this one
  • 13th  SQL Saturday #230 – Hoping I can attend this one


May 25

SQLPASS Summit – Got Selected :-)

With my 3rd year of submissions for the SQLPASS Summit and I was once again fortunate to be amongst the group  of presenters who were selected for this years program, having also presented @ 2011 & 2012 Summits it is getting more competitive each year as many of the World’s TOP presenters are vying for their session’s to be selected, alongside those newer to the larger conference stage

So I’m very honoured to be one of those chosen, with just the increasing numbers of abstracts submitted each year, and each one of these needed to be reviewed & ranked by the those who volunteered as part of the abstract committee

I was also part of one of those teams reviewing abstracts in one of the tracks, not the same ones I had submissions for of course, from my perspective everyone involved worked hard to provide the best selection of sessions they could – So a Big Thanks to all of them for the hard work they put in for the review process on a record number of submissions

This will be the session I’ll be presenting this year

Load Testing with SQL Server Tools

It’s often difficult to know how your SQL Servers will perform under different loads. By performing load testing, we can gain these key insights, perform modifications to existing configurations, and understand the impact on performance levels.

Come learn about the native tools at our disposal for performing these important load tests and how we can identify when performance levels begin to drop. Using demos of these native tools – including Distributed Replay Utility (DRU), Database Tuning Adviser (DTA), Perfmon, Extended Events, and Profiler – we’ll see how to plan and perform a load test project, gain an understanding of SQL Server’s performance under varying load scenarios, and discover which tell-tale indicators can help alert us to performance degradation.