Apr 24

INSIDE-SQL – Why run a conference


Most will know that I have been running Usergroup events on SQL Server / Data Platform for a few years now, the last couple of them as the leader of the PASS London Chapter http://sqllondon.sqlpass.org/  these events are held in the evening’s and usually consist of 1 or 2 presentations from different presenters across the spectrum of Data Platform topics.

We now run these evening events in the awesome Skillsmatter CodeNode venue and even provide recordings of the previous ones that have been recorded Past Recordings
Plus find out when the next one happening @ London SQL UserGroup MEETUP

You may have noticed we have an full-day event on 14th June (@ Codenode Venue)
so YES we are attempting something a little different, I wanted to explain a little about that and what it is about. We call it “INSIDE-SQL” and created a dedicated website for it
INSIDE-SQL Event Website to bring you all the details you’ll want to learn about it
Agenda, Presenters, Tracks, Location, Tickets, Sponsors etc..

Why are we charging for this… Good Question and it comes down to costs involved in running the event, so while we do have a few sponsors their contributions only covers a percentage of the costs involved, for the rest we need to obtain via low-cost tickets.

We have been able to keep the ticket costs down to those of a price similair to attending a Pre-con @ a SQL Saturday [So this really will be excellent value for the £’s we charge]

What do YOU get for this… We have lined up 15 Deep Dives Sessions, each one being 90 minutes in duration and between 300 – 500 level across a range of topics, these are delivered by experienced presenters, most of them MVP’s and some also MCM’s

Here is a sample extract of the Conference Schedule


Now we know you might wish to attend more than 1 session that is on the same time, sadly without time-travelling ability you’ll have to choose to attend just 1 of them
However fear not, we are recording ALL of the 15 session’s and providing these on our conference USB, so you can watch them later or watch it for 100th time.

Why do a conference
We felt there was perhaps a gap in the market for a focused DEEP DIVE conference which skips that beginner content and tackles the more challenging content
Yet still within the price range for everyone and delivered by some of the top names you’ll find at the bigger conferences, like SQLBits, PASS Summit & many SQLSaturdays.

It can also help US (PASS London Chapter) to continue to grow and due to sponsorship becoming more challenging to find, we wanted to attempt to raise a few £’s for the running costs.
[Well the Pizza’s have to be be paid for somehow]

So we ask you to support us and perhaps have yourself or one of your team attend it, we even have companies sending groups to this, all for a very low overall cost
Group of 3 only @ £500 & Group of 4 only @ £650 until April 30th 2016

Tickets available @ TicketTailor [No Processing fee] or EventBrite [Has a Processing fee]

If you like me, your love a bit of a discount
So use our (single tickets) discount code: ‘SQLFamily30’ for a wooping £30 discount
(There will be a limited supply of these, so get them while you can)

Well thanks for reading this far, and if you feel so inclined perhaps share the news of our event, we will be most grateful for your help..
Perhaps we will even see you at the INSIDE-SQL conference, remember all the information you’ll need is available on our INSIDE-SQL event website http://insidesql.co.uk
Why not follow the latest news on #INSIDESQL

See you soon at an event somewhere in the world



May 25

SQLPASS Summit – Got Selected :-)

With my 3rd year of submissions for the SQLPASS Summit and I was once again fortunate to be amongst the group  of presenters who were selected for this years program, having also presented @ 2011 & 2012 Summits it is getting more competitive each year as many of the World’s TOP presenters are vying for their session’s to be selected, alongside those newer to the larger conference stage

So I’m very honoured to be one of those chosen, with just the increasing numbers of abstracts submitted each year, and each one of these needed to be reviewed & ranked by the those who volunteered as part of the abstract committee

I was also part of one of those teams reviewing abstracts in one of the tracks, not the same ones I had submissions for of course, from my perspective everyone involved worked hard to provide the best selection of sessions they could – So a Big Thanks to all of them for the hard work they put in for the review process on a record number of submissions

This will be the session I’ll be presenting this year http://www.sqlpass.org/summit/2013/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=4701

Load Testing with SQL Server Tools

It’s often difficult to know how your SQL Servers will perform under different loads. By performing load testing, we can gain these key insights, perform modifications to existing configurations, and understand the impact on performance levels.

Come learn about the native tools at our disposal for performing these important load tests and how we can identify when performance levels begin to drop. Using demos of these native tools – including Distributed Replay Utility (DRU), Database Tuning Adviser (DTA), Perfmon, Extended Events, and Profiler – we’ll see how to plan and perform a load test project, gain an understanding of SQL Server’s performance under varying load scenarios, and discover which tell-tale indicators can help alert us to performance degradation.