SQL_XOne of my favourite features I’ve been recently presenting on covers the practical usage of partitioning

“Effective Index Partitioning & Compression Strategies”

We all know that ‘Indexing’ is KING when it comes to achieving high levels of performance in SQL Server. When Indexing also combines 2 of the Enterprise features: Partitioning & Compression, we can often see substantial gains. Learn how to identify those objects that benefit greatly from being Partitioned or Compressed, OR combining both of these features to even greater effect. Using Demos to illustrate the performance gains with real-world examples, Take away advanced scripts for use in your own environments.

SQLBits XII Telford  (Jul 2014)







Video {Stream | Download} Video Effective Index Partitioning Compression Strategy

PDF Presentation Effective Index Partitioning & Compression Strategies PDF (Telford SQLBits 12)

I’ve also presented this partitioning-compression session @ these other events

  • SQLSaturday #269 Exeter (Mar 2014)
  • SQLSaturday #208 Madison (Apr 2013)

This session was originally 2 separate sessions on partitioning & compression

“Effective Data Management Using Data Compression”

  • SQL-in-the-City London (Jul 2011)
  • SQLSaturday #105 Dublin (Mar 2013)
  • SQLSaturday #115 Portugal (Mar 2013)









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