Summit 2011

Why are we Waiting..  

PASS Summit  Seattle (Oct 2011)

This was my 1st PASS Summit session and one I have presented it elsewhere as well, it is primarily focused on explaining performance issues via the analysis of the Wait Stats sys.dm_os_wait_stats DMV, we use the DMV to identify performance issues and discover WHY the queries are waiting and on what type of resource


Slides PDF  DBA_320_Why_are_we_Waiting_NeilHambly

Video link  sync’d with presentation. Duration: 75 minutes  – Think most should be able to access this now if your a PASS member and have logged in, this is of course just one of the sessions from the 2011 Summit, you have access to the others as well – which is just awesome

With 310 attendees (full double room) this was a quite a step up in # attendees from my previous largest audience so far with ~100 being the largest I had ever had presented before this, incidentally that was my 1st ever presentation (London March 2010) If I recall correctly

I’ve also presented this wait-stats session (or some variation of it) @ these other events

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