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In November for the 4th consecutive year I’ll be excitably flying across the pond to Seattle in order to attend the Summit, where I’m also lucky enough to be one of this years presenters, I’ll be delivering my 4th PASS Summit session, and this year I have the honour of delivering one of 8 longer 1/2 day (3 Hour) sessions, my session will be on focused on DMVs and how to use them to do performance troubleshooting

Performance Troubleshooting Using DMVs

Performance troubleshooting is a complex subject with many factors under consideration when you find poorly performing SQL statements, using proven methodologies, and evaluating performance data available in the Dynamic Management Views and Functions. In this session, we’ll go over a foundation of how and which DMVs to use to identify those problematic statements for versions of SQL Server from 2005 – 2014.

We’ll be demonstrating using practical examples, including code that can be taken away and used on attendees’ own SQL Servers. We’ll also discuss how to identify common causes of performance issues, and learn how to quickly review and understand the wealth of performance data available.


So perhaps I might even see you in my audience for that or elsewhere @ the conference @ one of the watering holes we are known to frequent during that week, especially if you are a whisky lover like me

If we haven’t as yet meet and you’ll be @ this years summit, I have my profile link below which may be of some help, so you know a little about who I am and what I look like



I do look forward to meeting lots of new friends perhaps that includes you, alongside those I already know from past events


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  1. Hi Neil,
    I recently viewed your presentation on Performance Troubleshooting Using DMVs on the PASS Performance Virtual Chapter. Great stuff.

    I was wondering if you could post the slides to the presentation. It had lots of great stuff in them.


    — Tim

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