SSDT – Cut n Paste substituting CMDVARs

Another thing that slows me down with SSDT is testing stored procedure that use CMDVARS.

Consider this proc :


If I wish to test that in SSMS, I can cut-n-paste it in then use SQLCMD mode and add in :setvar statements or simply replace the $(CmdSwitch) and $(Otherdb) with the appropriate values.  Ok for one or two values but what if there are lots ?  What if there is a simpler way  ? Well now there is:

Introducing “CmdVar Cut”


Selecting this option will place the text with the values substituted directly into your clipboard ready for pasting to SSMS.  As with Fast Deploy, the values are defined in Tools->Options->TSQL Smells->Deploy CMDVars.

The download for this is available from here

Have fun




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