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Let me state first of that I do really like SSDT, integration of a source control system of your choice and all its extra features make its use a real boon.


On my past few assignments SSDT has been heavily used, and deployment is done via Build/Deploy powershell scripts.  This is all very well and good and makes for predictable,repeatable deployments  but it does slow you down rather a lot: You make a change to a SQL artefact, then build which takes a minute or two, then deploy which once again takes a minute or two.  This over the course of a day adds up to rather a lot of time,  it also means that mostly development is done in SSMS then cut-n-pasted into SSDT on completion which really negates a lot of the advantages of SSDT and makes it no more useful than a historic system using Source safe as source control.


This got me to thinking that there should be a faster way to deploy during development, so have now extended TSQL Smells to do exactly that.  Right Clicking  on a file ( or folder ) will now show you the “Fast Deploy” option




This will deploy the selected scripts directly to your selected SQL host without the kerfuffle of a full build-deploy cycle.  User feedback is given in the Output->TSQL Smells window, if nothing appears to be happening this should tell you why.

CMDVars are supported in the Tools->options->TsqlSmells-> Deploy CMD Vars, just enter them as key-value pairs.  These are kept in the registry so will persist over SSDT sessions,  you also set the database to connect to here.

You can download the latest version from here :

Install instructions etc are available here :

Let me know how you get on :



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