Introducing SQL Horizons

Doing SQLLunch as I have been over the past year or so, I get asked by a lot of people, perhaps a surprisingly high number given the number of webinars that do happens , “Can you make these available online?”.

The answer to this hasn’t changed, its still no. I think that those who can get to the venues do like the formula of SQLLunch and I don’t intend to change that.

However, it is clear that there still maybe a gap in the market and with that in mind I have been working with the good folks at PASS and have created an online only user group “SQL Horizons Online”.

Our first meeting will be on Thursday 30th May @ 8pm BST with Jody Roberts, PASS regional mentor for Africa, who will be talking about HA and DR, What the big difference?

Details of registration and meeting room details will be posted at :

I hope that you can join us online for this and future events.

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