Please please tell me now…

.. Is there something I should know,  sang Duran Duran many moons ago when I was young and before I knew that query optimization was even a thing.  But,  it is quite a handy little line to keep in mind when you are tuning queries,  giving SQL server a little bit more explicit information about […]

Reasons why your plans suck : No 56,536

I have been working with SQL server for more years than I really care to mention and like to think that I am now quite comfortable with the internals, specifically the Query Optimizer. Every so often though a new problem gets thrown into the mix, just to keep me on my toes ( or so […]

T4 Support in SSDT

Sometimes a piece of technology passes you by completely, T4 templating happens to have done that for me.  On tuesday night, at SQL Supper, Geoff Clark ( a uk MCM ) (t) done a fantastic presentation on end-to-end datawarehouse loading, a portion of this was on t4 templating.  The question arose about SSDT and T4 templating […]

Reading a snapshot – Are there performance implications ?

My present role is to look at the performance of a large datawarehouse load.  This is right up my alley,  and I have be playing with all manner of performance tuning fun, indexing, execution plans, filtered statistics etc, all good stuff. However,  during QA testing some of my suggestions actually made things worse.  Not a little worse, but a […]

A quickie post on debugging

I’m not a great fan of the debugging feature in management studio, It always strikes me that to get any use from it then you are iterating (looping) too much ie doing TSQL wrong.  TSQL is not a procedural programming language and the debugger would seem to be most useful if you did develop TSQL […]

What Price A TimeOut ?

If you have been interested in query processing and looking at execution plans, you may may well have noticed that a query states a “Reason For Early Termination” as a property. There are 4 return values here, <BLANK>, “Good Enough Plan Found”, “MemoryLimitExceeded” and”Timeout”. Let’s ignore “MemoryLimitExceeded”, I’ve never experienced it in the wild but […]