Introducing SQL Horizons

Doing SQLLunch as I have been over the past year or so, I get asked by a lot of people, perhaps a surprisingly high number given the number of webinars that do happens , “Can you make these available online?”. The answer to this hasn’t changed, its still no. I think that those who can […]

When is getdate() deterministic ?

Def :      Deterministic , a function that will always return the same output for the same input. Non-Deterministic, a function that will return different result for the same input. Going by that the above definition is is obvious that getdate() is non-deterministic,  each execution will return a different output as time goes by.  However, […]

What price a deadlock ?

“Oh, if we deadlock we’ll retry a few times until it goes through.”: Ive had a few variations of this conversation of the years and on the face of it, what does it really matter ? You get a deadlock, you retry, retry, retry until eventually it does complete ok. You get the right data […]

What Price A TimeOut ?

If you have been interested in query processing and looking at execution plans, you may may well have noticed that a query states a “Reason For Early Termination” as a property. There are 4 return values here, <BLANK>, “Good Enough Plan Found”, “MemoryLimitExceeded” and”Timeout”. Let’s ignore “MemoryLimitExceeded”, I’ve never experienced it in the wild but […]

Welcome to Data Idol 0

Throughout my career the need by business to gain value from data has been a constant; I remember back in 93 writing EIS (Executive Information Systems) and MIS (Management Information Systems) from what today we term structured data, back then it was difficult because there weren’t many tools available; today that has changed, the so […]