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INSIDE-SQL Discounts Available

[Reposting of the annoucement on http://insidesql.co.uk] T-7 Weeks – 7 attendees can grab a Monster discount SQL Usergroups After attending not 1 but 2 SQL Usergroups yesterday evening (London), where I enjoyed discussing the various aspects of INSIDE-SQL conference with some attendees and both events, the discussion did turned to the current discount promotions currently running. So I said […]

INSIDE-SQL – Why run a conference

Hello Most will know that I have been running Usergroup events on SQL Server / Data Platform for a few years now, the last couple of them as the leader of the PASS London Chapter http://sqllondon.sqlpass.org/  these events are held in the evening’s and usually consist of 1 or 2 presentations from different presenters across the spectrum of Data Platform topics. We now […]

Using PowerBI & MAP Toolkit & to review your SQL Server Environments

  This is a posting for T-SQL Tuesday #75 As the SQL Server & BI Consulting Practice lead in a Tier-1 managed Microsoft Partner consulting company www.Northdoor.co.uk , my role often involves me discussing our customer’s SQL Server environment, perhaps they are considering an upcoming version migration or need to perform some consolidations, maybe they […]

Northdoor PLC Welcomes their SQL Server Technology Evangelist

I have the enormous pleasure of announcing that I’ve now joined Northdoor PLC www.northdoor.co.uk as their SQL Server Technology Evangelist, our office is centrally located in London It is exciting to be working with their existing team, and to bring along my own experiences and SQL Server knowledge to add to the mix, I will be primarily responsible for leading and developing […]


One of my favourite features I’ve been recently presenting on covers the practical usage of partitioning “Effective Index Partitioning & Compression Strategies” We all know that ‘Indexing’ is KING when it comes to achieving high levels of performance in SQL Server. When Indexing also combines 2 of the Enterprise features: Partitioning & Compression, we can […]

SQL Relay 2014

SQLRelay 2014 – Unlock insights on any data We’re bringing SQL Server to a town near you Join us for our analytics focused, FREE all-day conference With some of the best speakers in the world! With a track dedicated to the SQL Server engine we’re helping you ensure maximum stability, availability and potential for your […]

BA Conference

MDS and DQS – Beyond the TLAs to Data Quality Many three-letter acronyms (TLAs) adorn our database world. This session focuses on two recent additions – MDS (Master Data Services) and DQS (Data Quality Services) – explaining what the new features are and exploring how to leverage them to improve your data quality. High data […]

Summit 2013

Load Testing with SQL Server Tools It’s often difficult to know how your SQL Servers will perform under different loads. By performing load testing, we can gain these key insights, perform modifications to existing configurations, and understand the impact on performance levels. Come learn about the native tools at our disposal for performing these important […]

Summit 2012

SQL Server 2012 Memory Management   SQL Server 2012 brings a wide range of changes, including a key change in how SQL Server memory is managed. Earlier releases of SQL Server have two memory managers, which have now been merged into one. And that’s just the beginning of the changes for SQL Server memory. This session will […]

Summit 2011

Why are we Waiting..   PASS Summit  Seattle (Oct 2011) This was my 1st PASS Summit session and one I have presented it elsewhere as well, it is primarily focused on explaining performance issues via the analysis of the Wait Stats sys.dm_os_wait_stats DMV, we use the DMV to identify performance issues and discover WHY the queries are waiting […]