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Introducing SQL Horizons

Doing SQLLunch as I have been over the past year or so, I get asked by a lot of people, perhaps a surprisingly high number given the number of webinars that do happens , “Can you make these available online?”. The answer to this hasn’t changed, its still no. I think that those who can […]

When is getdate() deterministic ?

Def :      Deterministic , a function that will always return the same output for the same input. Non-Deterministic, a function that will return different result for the same input. Going by that the above definition is is obvious that getdate() is non-deterministic,  each execution will return a different output as time goes by.  However, […]

What price a deadlock ?

“Oh, if we deadlock we’ll retry a few times until it goes through.”: Ive had a few variations of this conversation of the years and on the face of it, what does it really matter ? You get a deadlock, you retry, retry, retry until eventually it does complete ok. You get the right data […]

What Price A TimeOut ?

If you have been interested in query processing and looking at execution plans, you may may well have noticed that a query states a “Reason For Early Termination” as a property. There are 4 return values here, <BLANK>, “Good Enough Plan Found”, “MemoryLimitExceeded” and”Timeout”. Let’s ignore “MemoryLimitExceeded”, I’ve never experienced it in the wild but […]